Dr. Jonathan Calede

Welcome to the Calede lab at The Ohio State University at Marion! We integrate comparative anatomy, morphometrics, phylogenetics, and biostatistics to reconstruct the ecology and evolution of fossil mammals. Our research focuses on deciphering the pattern of changes in mammalian communities 30 to 5 million years ago and the processes that drove them. To this end, we study the morphology of both fossil and modern mammals to understand the taxonomic affinities and phylogenetic relationships of fossil mammals and help resolve patterns of diversity through time. We also use comparative anatomy and morphometrics to infer the ecology (such as diet, locomotion, and body mass) of some mammals that are abundant in fossil assemblages or represent ecologically important species. From data collection to publication, students are integral to developing the research in the lab.

Although much of our work focuses on fossil rodents (including beavers, gophers, and squirrels), we also work on other groups of mammals including hoofed mammals and carnivores.

We are looking to grow the lab! Contact me for more information.